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Kai Ting Chen is a recent graduate of FIT. She is a Taiwanese Fashion and Technical Designer, currently in New York City.

Her signature design is all about unexpected shapes and textiles based on skillful pattern making and draping techniques. She is specializing in experiments on fabrics and texture, using draping and unusual patterns to break the structure.

Before her studies in Fashion Institute of Technology, she has been honored as the finalist of FJU Talents Prize and released her collection SS19 on London Fashion Week with her namesake brand Kai Ting Chen.

Kai Ting’s concepts are usually inspired from her personal experience, and also probe psychological and philosophical issues in contemporary society. She aims to initiate reflective thinking and resonate with the audience through her collection.

The Glass Pineapple

Why I'm Qualified >

These were designed to deconstruct the military uniform, and each one was more dismantled than the last, with the fabric becoming darker with each look. In doing so, Chen aimed to show the cruelty of war and the treasure of peace.

This was conceptual design at its best, with storytelling central to the garments.

Noctis Magazine

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The newspaper creating a signature print, establishing her mark as a designer.

Building her career up over the years,

Kai Ting Chen’s collection achieved

the desired attention from the audience

at this year’s London Fashion Week,

leaving her mark in the industry

as a designer to watch.

Boyfriend Magazine

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Her signature design is all about unexpected shapes and textiles based on skillful pattern making&draping techniques. The conceptual collection is a reminder of people who do not forget the cruelty of war and treasure peace and unity, a value that should be present in more of mankind.

This was a new take on menswear, and the increase in volume with each look was certainly a unique idea for a runway show.


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Twisted Mind in Nanking 1937: The Haunted Soldiers

At the beginning, I watched two films about the famous incident — the Nanking Massacre. ...

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Haunted by Hong Kong

Last year, I went to Hong Kong with my family, and I was fascinated by the city. It reminded me of my grandmother’s homeland — Da-Chen Island...

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